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RoadMaster Road Marking System is equipped with 2-3 heavy duty hydraulic pumps, in an independent frame. This frame is placed in any type of truck or van with only 4 screws. RoadMaster’s controller system has been programmed to with a pattern and gun selection, suitable for multiple lines. A visual video guidance system will allow one user to operate the whole system. RoadMaster is ideal for long lines, airport marking, highways and lane turnouts. RoadMaster Truck Frame System is custom made depending on the client’s needs.


Technical Data

Product Purchase Number 23.6003106
Product Edition RoadMaster Marking I
Type Truck Frame
Maximum Pressure 210 bar
Maximum Delivery 19.0 l/min
Power Honda 20.0 hp
Fuel Gas
Pump Hard Chromed
Hydraulic Reservoir 15.0 liter
Compressor 13 CFM 370 l/min
Bead Tank Capacity 220 kg

Edition Includes:

Controller Timer System Included
Visual Camera Kit Included
Double Stripping Line Active
Pump 2 Pumps

RoadMaster Road Marking Truck System applications:

Parking Lots
High-Speed runways
Big building sites
Airport runways