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Video Presentation Handysand Auto 2

New Drywall Sander HANDYSAND AUTO 2

One Tool, Countless Amazing Solutions!

The Handysand Auto II has been designed by the VEZOS team exclusively for the end-users ease, no reason to purchase several tools, no reason to carry around a long sander, this tool, provides the user with several possible options.

Handysand Auto 2The length of the Handysand Auto II begins at 97 cm and can reach up to 3.37 cm extending your working height over 4 meters, without needing to use any scaffolding.

The Handysand Auto II, connects to any branded vacuum cleaner, allowing the Gripping Effect and the ARS system to drive your tool and automatically adjust the suction pressure needed for each surface.


Spares and Consumables Handysand Auto 2


ARS Auto Regulated Suction

ARS Auto Regulated Suction

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